Service Intelligence Advanced Group LLC


Aviation Security Services

Many of the nation's largest and busiest airports trust  Service Intelligence Advanced Group as their security, customer service and asset protection partner.

Service Intelligence Advanced Group (SIAG) has developed an expertise in Aviation Services Security that differentiates us in the marketplace. As a result of this expertise, some of the busiest and most important airports in the country have selected SIAG as their provider of choice for protection of their air services operations.

 Our services include:

  • Pre- & post-airline boarding services
  • Document verification
  • Aircraft security/access control
  • Ramp security/hold and exterior inspection
  • Pre-boarding aircraft cabin
  • Duty-free seal inspection
  • Catering security
  • Cargo escort
  • Cargo warehouse security
Specialized Services
  • Conduct tracks
  •  Conduct searches and apprehensions
  •  Narcotics detection
  •  Missing person location
  •  Explosives detection

By combining the right people, processes and technology, we have developed a system of checks and balances, oversight, accountability and verification of reliability that ensures the security program is implemented and executed for optimal protection of your assets.